With an eye to the future, this year’s IFA NEXT expands horizontally

This year, voice recognition and artificial intelligence will be key topics at IFA NEXT. The “House of Smart Living from ZVEI”, an installation that sets standards for connected living, will bring this topic closer to visitors: be it the coffee machine, digital media or energy management, everything reacts to voice commands, while a background learning process ensures machines automatically adapt every system to users’ needs. Together with its system partners, Amazon will contribute a further highlight: audio systems and TVs as well as dishwashers and lighting systems already respond to instructions and queries that begin with the word “Alexa”.

IFA NEXT will feature a much greater display area in 2018, with a second stage for lectures, discussion rounds, theme days, workshops, a wider range of topics and an even higher international attendance. The section will also feature an extra display section in Hall 26. A second IFA NEXT Innovation Engine stage will set the scene for a more diverse program – and for new presentation formats such as technical workshops and hands-on sessions.

Meanwhile, robots will be another key topic at IFA NEXT. They will include exhibits that invite visitors to nd out about autonomous machines in entertaining ways.

The future of mobility is the focus of a debut event at IFA NEXT 2018. This is the first time the Shift AUTOMOTIVE mobility convention will take place at IFA. It will show how new technology is about to change people’s lifestyle and mobility from the consumer’s point of view. Shift AUTOMOTIVE is co-organized by the Geneva International Motor Show, Palexpo, IFA and Messe Berlin. In the future, it will take place biannually, starting on 4 and 5 September 2018 at IFA, and after that will be held in Geneva at the next Shift AUTOMOTIVE show in March 2019.

On September 4 and 5, industry leaders from across the automotive and electronics sector will gather in Berlin to discuss the future of mobility at the inaugural Shift AUTOMOTIVE convention.

In a series of keynotes, brief impulse talks, panels and workshops, the event will explore how new technologies emerging in both sectors are rapidly and fundamentally transforming the world of mobility and how we think, live and drive.

Among the speakers and panellists are:

• John Schoenbeck, who leads strategic partnerships for BMW Designworks, the Bavarian car maker’s innovation lab, who will deliver a keynote at the event.

• Daniel Deparis, Head of smartLabs, Daimler

• Karima Delli, Chairwoman of the Transportation Committee at the European Parliament and founder of European Startup Prize for Mobility

• Martin Beltrop, Director of Emerging Products, Nokia

• Prof Peter Wells, Cardiff Centre for Automotive Industry Research

• Rodney Williams, CEO, LISNR

• Patrick Weissert, COO & Founder, German Autolabs

Panels will explore topics such as:

  • Trust me, I’m an autonomous car: How can self-driving cars (re)-gain trust?
  • Integrated mobility: the urban-rural divide
  • Building cars around passengers, not drivers
  • It wasn’t my fault, honest: insuring next-generation vehicles

The event will look beyond technological breakthroughs and investigate whether consumers are ready for the change ahead. Will drivers and passengers see transport disruption as a threat or an opportunity? Will new technologies make driving more complex, or less? What happens when drivers become passengers? And are people ready to switch from owning a car to subscribing to mobility experiences?