2018 IFA International – Day 1 Edition

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At the opening press conference for IFA 2018, the message was clear. This year’s show is not just about innovation, but about “co-innovation”.

What this means is that as innovation in one sector happens, it has a flow-on effect to another, resulting in a landslide effect of new ideas and possibilities.

A perfect example of this is in gaming, which is taking on a whole new shine thanks to co-innovation. The arrival of Virtual Reality technologies a couple of years ago was interesting, but it’s taking on new importance as we see innovation and development in PC chipsets, display technologies, software and networking. The end result is a heady and exciting new “ecosystem” for gamers.

This growing fever for gaming is resulting in rapid growth in the sales of gaming PCs of all kinds, in addition to VR headsets and other peripherals. And the excitement of multi-player participation combined wi th the ongoing development of virtual reality hardware have been behind what IHS Markit estimates was a 33% rise in spending on gaming consoles in 2017 – reaching over €12bn.

Booming innovation in this field has prompted us to take a special closeup look in this issue at the gaming sector, and how it brings new sales opportunities to the electronics retail sector. As they say, you’ve got to be in the game to win it.