Emmanuel Fromont, Acer’s President, EMEA, talks about the company’s recent successes in the gaming arena

Acer has been performing exceptionally well over the past year, with the company recently announcing its highest second quarter earnings in eight years. We started by asking Emmanuel Fromont what are the reasons behind Acer’s success.

We are focusing on the right market trends, by bringing technologies to market first and make them available to many, while we are continuously improving our operational efficiency. Today, we have one of the strongest gaming, ultra-slim and Chromebook portfolios in the industry. At the same time, we are exploring new markets such as VR and digital signage. With StarVR, we have recently launched the first company purely focused on VR.

Those are very attractive segments to focus on. There are still a few growth areas due to new technologies made available now to consumers or because of changing consumer habits. Therefore, we decided to focus our R&D on the ultra- slim and gaming segments, as well as the education sector, which shows positive trends.

How important is gaming for Acer in general?

Our growth in the gaming market is hard to ignore: 61% year-on-year in 2017 with no signs of slowing down neither this year. Since January 2018, we have grown again by more than 90%. Gaming is a key focus for us, and it’s always exciting to see the progress in design and technology innovations made available to gamers today meeting the latest trends in game development for more powerful systems and graphic requirements. We are fully connected to the gaming scene and our products are purely based on customer insights. Our Predator brand is already one of the top gaming brands in a number of EMEA countries, including Germany, Russia and the Nordics. We are continuously pushing the limits by bringing new technologies and designs to market first, like the first curved gaming notebook, or the thinnest desktop grade performance notebook. A lot of our R&D investment goes into thermal and cooling technology, making sure all this power needed always stays cool with our IceTunnel or 3D Aeroblade technology.

How is Acer creating a more immersive gaming experience?

First of all we have a full gaming portfolio for casual gamers and hardcore gamers, including a full array of accessories. Secondly, we are deeply integrated and connected to the gaming scene, and for the third year we are the proud partner and official monitor provider of the biggest gaming franchise in the world, League of Legends, as well as official partner of the oldest pro tour series, the Intel Extreme Masters. All of these partnership not only let us connect to eSports athletes and fans, but also give us valuable insights into our product designs.

What’s new at IFA from Predator?

We continue to push the boundaries of gaming by already upgrading the newest line with the latest available technology. We have also just launched the next generation tournament-grade monitor, the Predator XB3, which will be used at all major eSports events. At our global press conference, we also showed everyone what’s soon available from Acer with the Predator X and the Triton 900. A server-grade ultra-high performance desktop beast and the first convertible gaming notebook with powerful processor and graphics capabilities.



What are your key goals at IFA and how effective is this show in reaching your target markets?

Our main goal is to meet with customers and media from all over Europe just before the most important season of the year. Most of our markets are attending it, and we hope there will be much more in the next years.

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