Company CTO uses IFA+ Summit presentation to outline Avast’s activities

Ondrej Vlcek is Avast’s CTO, and general manager of the consumer business unit. At this year’s IFA+ Summit, he will give a presentation focusing on the security of Internet of Things (IoT). At an Avast workshop, which takes place after the panel, he will explore how IoT security relates to Smart Home. We asked him what the key issues will be when it comes to IoT security solutions.

Adding security solutions on top of smart devices, like refrigerators or thermostats is complex. Due to the high diversity of devices, it is dif cult to develop a solution for each individual device. Furthermore, IoT device resources are limited and these resources are already ne-tuned to perform a specific task. As most smart device data is streamed over the network, network-level protection is the most sensible solution to protecting IoT devices.

What can you tell us about IoT security and the Smart Home?

In the panel, I will talk about how we can keep smart home environments secure and protect people’s privacy, using new technologies, including artificial intelligence. At Avast, we are working on an important project called the Avast Smart Life platform, a new IoT security offering that protects people’s digital lives.

How do you protect people online and how does machine learning fit into that?

At Avast, we have been using machine learning for years. We have a threat detection network of over 400 million endpoints – the largest in the industry – which generates vast quantities of data. By feeding our next-generation technologies with this data, we are constantly learning about new threats that help us protect our customer base.

How important is it to have a platform like the IFA+ Summit?

The IFA+ Summit is special, because it brings together so many interesting people. I particularly think this year’s cluster topics, intelligence, society, interaction, and experience, are important, as they will drive discussions around the future of IoT, human-machine interactions and machine learning.

Panel Discussion: Fears of Redundancy – The Relationship between Biological and Non-Biological Intelligence

2 Sept 2018 – 12:30 P

Photo: Ondrej Vlcek, Avast’s CTO