Blurred lines between kitchen chores and consumer lifestyle

In a wide-ranging press launch at IFA 2018, German home appliances giant Bosch unveiled an innovative portfolio of products and solutions designed to cater for consumers who want to live a connected, but individual, lifestyle. The Vario Style fridge-freezer, the VitaMaxx blender, the WDU28640 automatic washing machine and kitchen-located smart sensors were just a few examples of the company’s vision.

Robert Bosch Home Appliances Managing Director Harald Friedrich added that the company has “shifted position so that everything is done from the point of view of the consumer. And this is something we are not just paying lip service to.” An illustration of what this means in practice is how the company is responding to a blurring of the lines between kitchen chores and consumer lifestyle, he explained. With consumers spending more and more leisure time in the kitchen, many of this year’s products either reflect people’s personal design tastes, or are so unobtrusive they fade into the background. An example of the latter is a new fridge freezer range in a less dominant, carbon black colour scheme.

Bosch also discussed various advances on the connected home front. It has, for example, added a number of new partners to its Home Connect ecosystem including Eismann, Otto and Busch-Jaeger. It also introduced innovations such as the Twist remote control, the AIR mobile wellbeing sensor and 360 degree voice controlled security camera range. Michael Bohn, director of brand marketing at Robert Bosch Home Appliances, said many of the company’s new products and services were designed to “take the stress” out of day-to-day life.


Other examples of new thinking included the FreshBox, an ingenious cooling system for sub- Saharan Africa that can drop temperatures by 10 degrees without needing electricity. Also of interest was the SmartGrow product range which caters for the hot topic of indoor gardening.

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