Dr Jens Lambrecht’s mission is to dispel the myth that robots will be job-killers

A speaker at the IFA+ Summit on the subject of humanising robots, Dr Jens Lambrecht combines the academic research central to his professorship in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin with his work as co-founder and MD of start-up GESTALT Robotics. We asked how his career started in the world of robotics and AI

After my PhD in human-robot- interaction, I held different positions within software development and robotic innovation. In 2016, we founded GESTALT Robotics as software solution provider for intelligence and autonomous mobility. Over time, AI got more and more relevant in robotics to overcome repetitive behaviour serving exibility in unstructured conditions like you typically nd in domestic environments.”

What does the future hold?

Robotics and smart automation hold great application potential in industry and consumer markets. From a technology standpoint value creation will be more and more on the side of the software and intelligence. Hence, the future of robotics lies in mobility and environmental understanding. There won’t be an every-purpose creation for domestic usage in the next decade, but more and more domestic tasks will be automated starting with lawn movers and robotic vacuum cleaners.

What can people expect to hear when they come to your presentation at the IFA+ Summit?

First of all, our vocation is to introduce robots as positively- experienced user-centric assistance systems making our lives easier instead of being job killers – a wrongful assumption still widespread. A focus will be on how Augmented Reality can help to use robots for everyday tasks.

How important is it to have a platform like the IFA+ Summit in order to foster thought leadership in this eld?

The IFA+ Summit gives us the opportunity to share and align our vision of the future of robotics with the audience, shaping the products of tomorrow while discussing business development and recruiting more experts.

Assigned to Assist: Robots Are Not here to Take Your Job

3 Sept. 2018 – 11:50 am

Hall 26b, GRAND THEA

Photo: Dr Jens Lambrecht, Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Technical University