Coway is expanding its range of connected products

Coway, established in 1989, is a health & wellbeing appliance manufacturer from Korea whose range includes water puri ers, air puri ers, bidets, and other appliances. We asked CEO Haesun Lee about its vision for connected products.

“Since 2015, Coway has used IoT/AI technologies in its water and air puri ers,” Lee said, “And Coway provides numerous innovative products and services which make our customers’ lives more convenient and comfortable. The Airmega air purifier, distributed in the US since 2016, has seen great success. From 2017, it can be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that powers Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show.”

What are your latest connected innovations?

In 2018, Coway integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment into its Coway Airmega indoor air purifiers. With Dash Replenishment, customers never have to worry about running out of air filters at home because the connected air purifiers will automatically reorder a new filter when one is needed. The “Active Action Air puri er,” which is presented at IFA 2018, is a smart product which analyses indoor air quality patterns through machine learning AI technology.

Can you tell us about the collaborative project that Coway is running with Harvard University?

Coway has been performing numerous collaborative research projects such as air purifier performance assessment, pattern analysis of indoor air pollution, and research on fine dust within classrooms with the research team of Professor Koutrakis of Harvard University Graduate School since 2007. Coway will continuously lead research on emerging contaminants in indoor air quality to make consumers’ lives even healthier.

How is business in terms of exports?
Coway is currently distributing water puri ers, air purifiers, and many other products in more than 40 countries. Coway has the largest market share of water and air puri ers in Malaysia and by receiving Halal certification for the first time in its water puri er, Coway succeeded in expanding its customer base to the Muslim population. Sales in Europe, Asia, and other regions are increasing.

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Photo: Haesun Lee, CEO Coway