SoFlow is an e-mobility brand which Manuel Hug, one of the founders of e-Xperience, says will change the game of daily mobility on the last mile

With a brand new electric skateboard and innovative drive-tech for a future e-scooter on display at IFA 2018, IFA International spoke to Manuel Hug, one of the founders of e-Xperience, a Switzerland- based company behind the SoFlow brand. We started by asking him about the company.

With our products, we want to give our customers back the freedom and flexibility which has been more and more lost due to restrictions in private transportation. We offer contemporary and far-sighted mobility solutions.

What are the highlights of your range?
We have a broad and deep product range from E-Skateboards which have been developed for daily transportation, but also Hoverboards, E-Scooters and compact E-Bikes, all with matching accessories.

What makes a good e-mobility product?
A micro-mobility product should be manageable and compact – it should t easily in the boot of a car, or where possible it should be combinable with public transportation. Combined with the excitement of the ride, the product should both increase the efficiency of a journey and improve the way we live.

Can you tell us about your company’s commitment to quality products?
We develop our products in Switzerland to Swiss standards. Also we have a branch and team in China, which is responsible for quality assurance and production. Then a global after-sales service with offices in Switzerland and California ensures a smooth operation.

How is the e-mobility market evolving?
Legal conditions, urban development, restrictions to private transportation and sharpened environmental laws are all rapidly impacting Personal Light Electric Vehicles (PLEV) in Europe. The market for micro- mobility is changing, pushing the entire category of e-mobility.

How important is IFA to you as a global platform?
IFA is one of our most important exhibitions; the media awareness at IFA is a major plus point, so we attend each year and form important new partnerships.

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