“Nomadic” products of all kind take flight at IFA 2018


Growth forecast for connected watch market in 2018

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Gone are the days when electronic products were tethered in one place. Advanced battery technologies have enabled all kinds of devices, from mobile phones (perhaps no longer aptly named –as the phone function is now minor), through fitness and activity devices, mobile audio, mobile gaming PCs, eMobility devices, action cams and drones, gaming & VR, headphones and portable audio, mobile devices, fitness wearables… You’ll find it all at IFA.

12% as the phone function Wearable market growth this year

Source Futuresource


According to analysts Futuresource, headphones volumes continue to slow while prices keep accelerating (more features and more value for end-user). True wireless has set the category alight, while many smart features have taken a back seat ( fitness tracking, etc.).

25.3 million

The number of gaming headsets forecast to be sold in 2018

Source Futuresource


Portable/Bluetooth speakers – Despite the growing presence of smart speakers, Bluetooth performance exceeded previous expectations to ship 62.8m units in 2017. In 2018, Bluetooth speakers are seeing some cannibalisation from smart speakers.

Gaming headsets – in line with the booming gaming market 25.3m units should sell this year. The global phenomenon of “Battle Royale” games – specifically PUBG and Fortnite – coupled with the continued emergence of mainstream eSports is driving online and social gaming to an ever widerandmorediverse audience.

Video drones (excludes Toy, industrial) – sold 4.4m units WW in 2017 up 26% Y/Y. DJI maintain 75% of demand.

The Wearables market, including fitness devices and connected watches, grew by 14% in Q1 2018 Y/Y in terms of volume and 23% in terms of value. A total of 24.3 million units were shipped, representing retail value of $US4.4bn. In terms of full year 2018 growth, the Wearables market is forecast to see a 12% increase in volume, with 107.6m shipments. At retail value level, this is forecast to generate US$19.2bn, growing by 17%.Connected watchdemand witnessed continued its momentum following a positive Q4 17, with 47% unit growth forecast for the year. Wireless/hybrid watches are expected to see significant demand increases, at 120% growth in units over the full year, following a 128% increase during Q1 18.

Apple retained their position as the leading wearables vendor in terms of volume and more significantly in terms of value.