Voice control and Artificial Intelligence are the two dominating trends of the consumer electronics and home appliance industries this year. This was one of the key take-aways from the IFA 2018 opening press conference, which took place early Wednesday afternoon.

These technologies are rapidly making their mark in the market for appliances and consumer electronics, as consumers recognise how these technologies can help them to improve their daily lives. At IFA 2018, the benefits of both technologies are becoming obvious: people become smarter, because AI helps them to understand data, they make technology easier to use, and they take on all the boring tasks no one likes to do.

will become an established feature of many more types of equipment: in televisions, sound systems, sound-bars and headphones, as well as in small and major domestic appliances.

Interconnected devices continue to be the main focus of the home appliance market, a development that will lead to smarter and more diverse products. This year, that will bring further improvements to the already high level of functionality of interconnected appliances. These devices can exchange information and register personal habits. Equipped with this information, they can then suggest improvements. In this way, the users of interconnected devices can save time as well as benefiting from increased capacities and resources. They can also receive a wealth of advice, for example, about saving energy or clothing care, as well as new recipes and new ways of preparing meals. Consequently, in the fields of consumer electronics and home appliances, the two dominant trends of voice control and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a far-reaching influence at IFA 2018.