Smart Cities, Mobility of the Future, Robotics and Voice Control

Virtual media worlds, living in smart cities, the future of mobility, robots in the household, voice commands, digital translators, the next generation of ultrafast mobile networks and digital innovations for a healthier lifestyle – these are all topics that the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine is featuring on two stages in Hall 26.

With five days devoted to a range of themes, the German Start-up Association will be setting the tone for young entrepreneurs on every day of the show from 2 pm onwards.

At this year’s IFA NEXT, the exhibition area has doubled in size. Parallel with an increase in exhibitors to around 200, the programme of the IFA NEXT Innovation Engine is also expanding. For the first time, it runs on two stages, with Innovation Engine Red featured in Hall 26a and Innovation Engine Blue in Hall 26c.

Programme highlights include a presentation of Future Living Berlin, a project in the Adlershof district of southeast Berlin where an entire urban quarter is being set up as a live experiment and an installation that sets standards for interconnected living. Energy management, communications, transport, intelligent mobility – all the topics focusing on innovation from the industries that are exhibiting at IFA are concentrated here. The organizers and their project partners, including Panasonic, Digitalstrom and Schindler, an elevator specialist, will present the project. The presentation takes place on Monday, 3 Sept, 11.00 am, at Innovation Engine Red.

Monday, 3 Sept, 11.20 am at Innovation Engine Blue, FoldiMate, a startup from California, is showing how in the future robots will be able to undertake complex tasks. Folding laundry will no longer be a manual chore people would rather avoid, because FoldiMate can do the job with digital precision.

 The programme of the Startup Days, which takes place at Innovation Engine Blue, is as follows:

Friday, 31 August: Digital Health

Saturday, 1 September: Wearables / Fitness & Activity

Sunday, 2 September: Smart Home

Monday, 3 September: Future Mobility / Use of Time

Tuesday, 4 September: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Wednesday, 5 September: Gadgets & Appliances

Hall 26 IFA NEXT