How Artificial Intelligence is coming to the aid of book publishers

Gesa Schöning is founder and managing director of QualiFiction GmbH, whose pioneering intelligent software aims to predict which books will be bestsellers. Originally a cultural scientist and bookseller, Gesa has already helped launch two startups on the German market. We asked her what exactly QualiFiction is, and how the idea came about.

QualiFiction is a software for analysing and predicting book successes based on AI. The smart software supports publishers and authors to estimate the potential of texts and find the next success story. More than 3.8m texts are sent to publishing houses each year, alone in Germany. Most of them are rejected unread. This will easily overlook talented authors and good stories. With our software are going to change that and give better chances to authors.

Please tell us a little about your background…
I’m a cultural scientist and came early into contact with publishers. The book market today has many problems that could be solved with the help of new technology and AI. That’s exactly my approach. Before founding QualiFiction with my colleague Ralf Winkler, I helped to build and market two more startups and gained a lot of management experience. Now, Ralf and I have the knowledge to develop a strong AI software. We do this with a great passion for literature and culture and want to influence the further development of AI in a positive direction.

What, in a nutshell, will you be talking about at the IFA+ Summit?
How can it work that a software using AI can even analyse texts and predict which manuscript has potential for success? How could an unknown author become a bestselling author within 30 seconds using the software? I’d like to give some insight on how our software works and what results come from it. And last but not least: how will our culture and our reading behavior change as a result of the further development of AI? – Prediction of the Next Bestselling Author Using Arti cial Intelligence?

2 Sept 2018 – 12:00 Mid-day



Photo: Gesa Schöning, Founder and managing director of QualiFiction GmbH