Company saves the best until last with reveal of new dishwasher technology

Miele’s IFA press conference on Wednesday culminated in the unveiling of the new G 7000 range of dishwashers, featuring the integrated PowerDisk system.

PowerDisk dispenses detergent automatically and uses powder granulate specially designed for the purpose. The new dishwashers can be controlled by an app and programmed from a mobile device. All that remains for the user to do is to load and unload the machine and, occasionally, to replace the PowerDisk.


The PowerDisk is fitted in a receptacle on the inner face of the door. It dispenses detergent by rotating automatically during the programme. It is around 15cm in diameter and just under 4cm thick, and releases a precise amount of powder granulate into the chamber with each 360° turn. It needs to be replaced once a month. Generation 7000 dishwashers go on sale in November.

At the IFA 2018 Press Conference, Miele underlined again the importance of its baseline #LifeBeyondOrdinary. “This applies in a very special way to the new and autonomous dishwashers from the 7000 generation,” Miele executive director and co- proprietor Dr Markus Miele said at the conference. Aside from filling and emptying the dishwasher and replacing the PowerDisk, “you can sit back and leave the rest to the machine,” he added.

Co-proprietor Reinhard Zinkann described the new environmentally friendly SingleWash function in the company’s range of washing machines, which allows single garments to be washed efficiently. “No pangs of conscience any more at running a programme just for your favourite pullover, and no more tedious waiting for enough laundry to come together for a full load.”

Miele also outlined its new MChef gourmet service, which brings “top-class restaurant fare to your home”. MChef is available from the startup company

of the same name, based in Bielefeld in Germany, and in which Miele has taken a majority stake. The company delivers dishes for preparation in customers’ own Miele dialog ovens. MChef’s founder and CEO revealed at the conference that sales start in September in North Rhine/Westphalia, with a nationwide rollout early in 2019.

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