Bob Blankert, Rapoo’s Global Sales Director, highlights the company’s new wireless technology

The new multi-mode wireless technology from Rapoo features three connection modes – Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart), and 2.4 GHz wireless transmission. This, the company says, ensures that connecting to Bluetooth devices is limitless – since Bluetooth 4.0 (Smart) is only compatible with the latest Smart-ready devices.

Rapoo has exclusively added the classic Bluetooth 3.0 technology to eliminate connectivity gaps. This is a major advantage over currently existing products on the market, and most importantly, gives users a peace of mind and a greater connectivity.

This is what we always aim for at Rapoo – to offer more value to our users while leading in innovation in the wireless peripherals sector. Upgrading our entire product portfolio with multi-mode wireless is an important milestone for Rapoo and our advancement in wireless, and perfectly fits with our brand values and philosophy.

With the multi-mode wireless launch we are indeed closer to providing ‘The Ultimate Wireless’ experience.