Shenzen-based underwater tech company Geneinno has a brand new piece of marine camera kit to show off at IFA 2018. Called Titan, it has already created quite a buzz with a successful Kickstarter campaign, an iF Design Award for outstanding design and performance and a Red Dot Design Award.

An underwater drone camera which represents a significant evolution from Geneinno’s previous product, Poseidon, the Titan can function at greater depths than any other submarine drone currently available – down to 150m – and is powered by six thrusters and a self- balancing algorithm which helps protect it against threats to its stability, such as underwater currents, sea creatures, and unmovable objects, moving at speeds up to 2m/s. Its 4K UHD camera with 1080p livestream capability and 160degree ultra-wide-angle lens has red and purple filters to provide colour correction, plus powerful LEDs to illuminate deeper darker waters.


The rapidly-growing market for submarine filming – whether for underwater photography, documentary cinematography, scuba divers, marine naturalists, drone enthusiasts, shing, shipwreck exploration, salvage research or simply leisure users – means the demand for a next- generation product like Titan is high. The operator monitors and pilots the drone through a smartphone app, with up to four hours’ rechargeable battery life. Other features include a Bluetooth controller and an interface where users can install a robotic arm, underwater microphone, or other accessories. The drone can even recognize sh in the water and share impressive images on social media with just a single click. According to Geneinno, Titan is the most affordable, portable and user-friendly underwater drone on the market and has the highest rate of withstanding water pressure.


IFA 2018 also offers a first glance at Geneinno’s new leisure product – the Trident. A departure for the Chinese marine equipment pioneer, Trident is an underwater scooter with dual thrusters, driving a diver for one hour with up to 12km/h speed down to a depth of 50m. A GoPro camera can be attached and easily operated with a finger trigger control.


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