Radionovelli is launching at IFA the first 4G radio invented and patented by the Italian entrepreneur Paolo Novelli. Thanks to patented algorithms, innovative features are available that allow users to enjoy audio and video on demand.

At the same time, operators of radio stations, telephone companies, publishers, marketers and private companies have new possibilities for promoting their products with an innovative digital advertising tool. Thanks to the patented web radio module and the use of the 4G data network, the radio, Radionovelli, guarantees listening and viewing even in the absence of an FM/DAB signal. It uses the mobile internet connection for listening and watching audio and video content on the web, exploiting the full potential of the Android operating system.

Novelli says: “After many years my dream has come true and I am very proud to be presenting the 4G radio. It is a unique product in the world, destined to revolutionise the use of radio as it was until today. At the same time we offer interesting tools for new business and targeted advertising thanks to the algorithms we have patented.”


  • 4G Network: open your own entertainment world with a data SIM of any mobile operator
  • Always on infrastructure: the radio guarantees listening and viewing even in the absence of an FM/DAB signal
  • Continuous Artist Mode: press the Continuous Artist button to activate a series of links that play songs by the same artist

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