AMD continues to drive the dynamics of the gaming hardware market, delivering a next-gen CPU & GPU portfolio with an unprecedented combination of premium performance and unbeatable value. In this article, AMD CMO, John Taylor, shares his take on the strategy and vision which has driven the company back to the peak of the industry.

There’s never been a better time to be a gamer. On all platforms, games are getting better, faster, more fun and looking ever more incredible. Beyond that, participation and viewership for eSports continues to surge and bring in new fans and viewers. It’s why games – which exist at the nexus of technology, storytelling, and art, elicit such a passionate response, and ongoing fascination for players of all ages, from all walks of life.

At AMD, we’re passionate too – about games, and the high-performance computing products we create to power them. It’s our job to make fast hardware. Fast hardware that can be optimised to work beautifully with software and take every single aspect of immersive gaming to heights you’ve never seen before.

Our strategy for doing this is straightforward. Our goal with AMD RyzenTM processors is to offer gamers the best CPU at every price point; our goal with RadeonTM graphics is to offer gamers the best graphics card at every price point – with the software and AMD FreeSync1 gaming display support ecosystem to match. This is good for gamers, and good for our channel partners.

There are four key elements to delivering this strategy: The next generation of CPU and GPU product leadership, driving innovation across the entire gaming ecosystem, working with our partners to create mobile solutions for a mobile world, and a product roadmap that puts performance & consumer choice first.

Photo: John Taylor, AMD CMO