Korean giant says AI, IoT and 5G are redefining the boundaries of human experience

New developments at Samsung include a state- of-the-art 8K TV set, the Galaxy Note 9 and an oven with two compartments. The company is also continuing its drive into smart, connected technology with innovations such as SmartThings and voice assistant Bixby.

HS Kim, President & Head of CE, Samsung, used his company’s media presentation at IFA to introduce an array of eye-catching consumer electronics and home appliance innovations to journalists from around the world. From the Galaxy Note 9 through to the company’s new 8K QLED, 75” inch TV set, Kim said Samsung’s ambition is to “continue to lead and develop ground- breaking products for the new era of connected living.”

Every product in Samsung’s portfolio is designed to “make people’s lives better,” he said, placing great emphasis on the company’s activities in “AI, IoT and 5G, technologies that are redefining the boundaries of human experience. The question we ask ourselves is ‘How can we utilise these breakthroughs to bring greater convenience to people’s lives?’”


Kim said Samsung is the only company with a full range of AI and IoT-enabled products and services across TV, mobile and home appliances: “Last year, we invested €12 bn in R&D. In the next three years we will commit €19 bn to advances in AI and 5G. We have new research centres in the US, UK. Russia, Canada and Korea, and are adding thousands of AI experts.” Kim placed particular emphasis on the development of Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby: “600 million people use a voice assistant once a week globally, so voice is integral to the way people search for information. But Bixby is not just a voice assistant it is a scalable AI platform.” While technology lies at the heart of Samsung’s advances, Kim stressed that the company is set up to be user-centric. “We want to empower people so they feel like they are in control. We want them to open their minds to AI without fear of any consequences.” He also stressed the importance of building partnerships, with companies such as Google part of Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem. He linked this to Samsung’s ‘innovation without barriers’ mantra.

Kim handed the stage to Guy Kinnell, VP Visual Display, Samsung Electronics, who discussed the positive trend towards larger TVs with higher resolution. He predicted a huge surge in the sale of 75”+ sets by 2022 and also said 4K sales had grown significantly since 2013. “We’re now ready for the next era in resolution: 8K,” said Kinnell. “For the first time anywhere in the world, we have launched our 8K QLED 85” inch set. It has unparalleled detail and depth which will allow viewers to see what they have never seen before. We call it ‘Perfect Reality’.”

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