A new product category from Segway, e-Skates are making their EMEA debut in Berlin at IFA 2018. The new Segway Drift W1 uses the company’s proven self-balancing technology compagny’s and applies it to roller-skates.

Marking a new departure for the company, who are now targeting consumer products, with a sharp focus on transportation for lifestyle and recreational riders, Segway hopes e-Skates will be a new youth trend by the end of 2018 following the tradition of roller-skates, roller-blades, in-lines and other recreational mobility products.

The black and white Segway Drift W1 e-Skates are lightweight and small. The tyres are designed to improve stability and steering capabilities, is designed for maximum comfort and fun. Built on more than 800 patents, the new product represents an advance in technology and consistent with Segway’s philosophy of safety first, the Drift W1 has also obtained a number of international certifications, such as UL and CE.


  • Easy to carry, lightweight and small
  • Designed for maximum comfort and fun
  • International safety certification

» HALL 26 / Stand 225