Siemens is presenting three “world-class innovations” in the areas of cooking, home laundry and coffee machines at IFA

Speaking at the company’s IFA press conference, Roland Hagenbucher, CEO Siemens Home Appliances Germany, provided an overview of the status of connectivity in and around the home.

Siemens Home Appliances is pursuing a clear objective with its range of connected products and services. The brand aims to create the infrastructure for a seamless life, a lifestyle in which everything runs like clockwork thanks to smart technology, digitalisation and design.

Mr Hagenbucher said that Siemens has come another important step closer to this vision in 2018 thanks to the expansion of the connectivity-enabled appliance portfolio and numerous new cooperative ventures.

“We are currently the only full-range provider of connected home appliances, and we have by far the largest partner ecosystem on the market,” he said.

At IFA, Mr Hagenbucher said Siemens will illustrate the possibilities offered by cooperation with external partners and service providers, using a number of use cases.

He added that the majority of all connected Siemens home appliances can already interact today with smart loudspeakers like Amazon Alexa or order replenishment supplies via online delivery services, such as dishwasher tabs via finish365. An innovation is the refrigerator that uses a camera to identify fresh foodstuffs. Ovens and cooktops have access to continually new recipe inspirations, for example, via the partner Kitchen Stories.

Mr Hagenbucher identified three megatrends as urbanisation, individualisation and digitalisation. He added that sales of connected household appliances were up 81% in 2017 and he said the popularity of connected appliances is encouraging Siemens as a trendsetter and brand of the future. Introducing the company’s new cook top, he said the new freeInduction Plus adapts automatically to the chef’s needs: Up to six pots and pans of every size and shape can be positioned and moved around freely on the cooktop. A 6.2-inch full-touch TFT display and activeLight – sleek blue light bars – help ensure an intuitive user experience. Mr Hagenbucher added: “I am convinced that the product will be the highlight – the talk of the town. Cooking will enter a new level, and with more flexibility, the cooktop perfectly adapts.

“The key to the technology lies beneath the ceramic surface: 56 oval micro- inductors that automatically detect the position and shape of the cookware. The inductors are only active when their power is actually needed, thus making freeInduction Plus the most adaptable cooktop ever to be launched by Siemens Home Appliances.”

In home laundry, the iQ500 washer-dryer from Siemens is the first appliance of its kind to be connected and also features i-Dos precision dosing. The product features a 10kg washing function and a 6kg dryer. Mr Hagenbucher said: “The iQ500 washer-dryer is the brand’s response to the rising demand for large-capacity washer-dryers. At the same time, the smart appliance helps to keep the everyday routine under control in today’s hectic world.”

In coffee machines, Siemens said the latest model in the EQ series offers consumers a wide range of international specialty coffees and milk specialties at the touch of a button or conveniently via the app, which can be adjusted to individual tastes thanks to the baristaMode.

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