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The IFA+ Summit this year excels in topics looking towards intelligence, interaction, society and experience – looking a number of years into the future.

With the motto PLUGInspiration 2024, the convention showcases disruptive ideas, visions and forward thinking on the future of new, high-tech forms of connectivity and innovative business models. In a two-day programme, trendsetters meet tech pioneers, visionaries meet scientists. Over 50 speakers will be drawing their inspiration from various fields and share their thoughts on the upcoming decade with visitors to the events. In 2018, there are four subject clusters – Intelligence, Society, Interaction, and Experience – each featuring different technology-driven visions and perspectives. From all accounts, the speakers will not just inform, but will surprise and enthral their audiences with their concepts, hypotheses and ideas. Far too many to list here, one who stands out is Poppy Crum, whose presentation, the Post-Poker Face Era – Human Perception and Technological Advancement explains how with sensor technology, breath and body warmth, gestures and facial expressions, human feelings become readable. Sound like science fiction? It does, but the applications o f t e c h n o l o g i c a l applications such as this – and many others discussed at the summit, will be very far-reaching.

Without doubt, the summit is one of the most valuable conferences of the year, here in what is one of the world’s most vibrant city. It is a long way from being “tech hype”, and is much more akin to being a veritable industry thinktank. Just one more reason to tell your friends not to miss this year’s IFA