Stress is on the rise in the modern world, with the number of sick days due to mental stress almost tripling since the mid-1990s. To better balance increasingly hectic schedules, and recharge physically as well as mentally, health and beauty appliance brand Beurer is launching the Stress ReleaZer at IFA 2018. The product employs low frequency vibration while being held against the chest in a lying position, and aims to reduce stress by balancing heart rate variability (HRV). The elegant pod shaped device is used in conjunction with the “beurer CalmDown” app so when placed in the area of the diaphragm the app monitors breathing and HRV and judiciously selects from three respiratory cycles. The app also allows the user to create a tailored exercise programme with a reminder function. The training units can also be customised – for example to be accompanied by specific music and lighting.


  •  Sets a special breathing rhythm to increases the body’s resistance to stress
  •  Switchable illuminated ring pulsates in the set respiratory rhythm and acts as a mood light.
  •  A heat function on the bottom can be activated for further relaxation

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