BRITA filtered water simply tastes great, which is why millions of consumers around the world enjoy its products, from water filter jugs to the new on the go water filter bottles, all the way to sophisticated pressurised water filter systems.

BRITA has developed a particularly high level of expertise in the preparation of hot drinks. This is because BRITA filtration reduces hardness and metals from tap water helping coffee achieve a richer aroma, tea to demonstrate its complex flavour and appear free from unsightly streaks. What is more, BRITA protects high- quality domestic appliances from limescale build up, thus significantly extending their service life.

Thanks to the collaboration between BRITA and reputable manufacturers in the household appliance industry, consumers can purchase both small and large electrical appliances that are directly fitted with integrated BRITA water filter systems:

Espresso machines, automatic coffee makers, kettles, tea makers or refrigerators can all now benefit from the positive attributes of BRITA filtered water. In addition to improved flavour and appliance protection, particularly in terms of lifestyle bene ts, there is also the practical two-in-one aspect. The filtering of the water and the preparation of hot drinks, for example, is now a one-step process that saves time and space.

BRITA Integrated Solutions Partners such as Bosch, Siemens, Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards, Philips Saeco, Liebherr and Samsung have been fitting BRITA filter systems for some time, in order to benefit from the advantages of BRITA filtered water. There are many water filter systems – why choose a partnership with BRITA?

Established in 1966, the company now has a presence in more than 66 countries, making it one of the leading companies worldwide in the field. As a result, the family- owned German company is now internationally recognised as the undisputed expert in water filtration.


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