The new freeInduction Plus from Siemens Home Appliances adapts automatically to the chef’s needs and offers great flexibility.
Up to six pots and pans of every shape and size can be heated up simultaneously for the first time on the 90-cm-wide surface – anywhere and everywhere on the cooktop without being restricted to predefined cooking zones. The key to the technology lies beneath the ceramic surface: 56 oval micro-inductors that automatically detect the position and shape of the cookware. The inductors are only active when their power is actually needed, which the company says makes the freeInduction Plus the most adaptable cooktop ever to be launched by Siemens.
The new induction technology is smart thanks to its user interface. A 6.2-inch four-colour, full-touch TFT display automatically follows every movement and adapts. It immediately registers when a pot is moved to a different position and adjusts all settings automatically.


  •  Can be controlled with the Home Connect app via smartphone or tablet
  •  PowerMove Pro function divides the entire surface into up to five heating levels
  •  CookConnect function allows the cooktop and extractor hood to communicate with each other

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