Vestel FermentStore technology transforms refrigerators into food factories producing a wide range of fermented foodstuffs with minimum fuss and space.

FermentStore helps customers take home- made food to a new level, allowing them to join the growing trend towards fermented foodstuffs and helping them enjoy their known health-giving bene ts. As well as being tasty and appealing, fermented foods are known to be rich in probiotics which help restore balance in the gut, which in turn aids digestion and boosts immune health.

The FermentStore system allows users to create and store seven different types of food and beverage: yoghurt, kefir, bread dough, wine, beer, vinegar and pickle can all be fermented and kept with ease.

And after the fermentation process, the results can be chilled and stored in just the right conditions.

FermentStore is highly adaptable and intuitive, with a comprehensive range of options which can all be controlled remotely through mobile apps.

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