At Shift Automotive, Patrick Weissert, the co-founder and head of product at German Autolabs will present Chris, the digital assistant for drivers.

At IFA, German Autolabs is launching Chris, its first digital assistant for drivers. With Chris drivers can stay connected with their digital lives without touching their phones while driving. We asked Patrick Weissert to tell us more about Chris.

How does the hardware work?

The smart hardware supports drivers like a real co-driver. Chris is attached to the windscreen like a navigation device and paired with the mobile phone via Bluetooth so every vehicle turns into a connected car with high-end features. Chris is a full proactive digital assistant that understands simple gestures and displays the relevant information on a colour screen. And best of all, Chris also works offline, without any internet connection.


How will mobility change human transport in your opinion? Mobility and human transport have always played a critical role in our evolution. Big cities and industrialisation would not have been possible without the railway. Suburbs would not have been possible without the car. As transport is becoming more and more autonomous, connected and shared, this will create new opportunities and change the way where we live and how we travel.

What does the future look like for mobility services?

I think that there will be a big focus on enabling voice and gesture interactions in more and more cars. Knobs, buttons and dials have reached the limits of what is practical in the car, and probably we are already beyond that limit. Touch screens are not good in the car because they require the driver to take the eyes off the road – so voice and gestures are the future user interfaces for the car.

Who should come to your presentation?

People who are interested in how we will interact with cars in the future. And, of course, everyone who is interested in Chris, our product.

Photo: Patrick Weissert, Co-founder and Head of product, German Autolabs