When Miele’s 2017/18 financial year ended on June 30, the family-owned company was able to further consolidate its high-level growth on a worldwide scale. We asked Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, to tell us more.

Turnover amounted to €4.1 billion around the world, which was up 4.3% on the previous year. Built- in appliances contributed above- average to this success; among Miele’s sales regions around the globe, Asia saw particularly dynamic growth.

How has fiscal year 2018/19 started for Miele?
The year so far has not been as good as we had planned, but that is true for the whole industry. We are at about the same level as in 2017/18.

How are your innovations being received at IFA?
From the reactions to the new 7000 dishwasher, we are very happy and it’s been received extremely well. By the end of IFA, I believe we will have a good order intake, which would mean that September and October will be good months. We are launching the G7000 dishwasher, for example, market by market, so not all markets worldwide will get it at once – in Central Europe, it’s available from now on.

What is the outlook for the appliance market?
There will always be a market for appliances and there will always be a market for exchanging appliances when they break down. There will always be people in the market that are interested in buying state- of-the-art appliances and the middle class worldwide is growing, especially in many markets where there never was a middle class. The new middle class want to get rid of their past and move up in terms of their lifestyle. In terms of Miele, we have so many new products in the pipeline. I can tell you the pipeline is full.

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