Thirty-two years after launching, the Nespresso brand is counting on latest product Vertuo to transform the market for large-cup coffee. We asked Mark Ruijgrok, Managing Director of Nespresso Germany, to tell us more about this innovation.

Drinking a large cup of coffee in the morning is a common routine for many people. In Germany, more than 70% of coffee consumers prefer a larger cup of coffee to start their day. With Vertuo, Nespresso has introduced an innovative system, using a new technology that is the result of many years of R&D, designed to meet the preferences of a new target group: one that prefers large cups and at the same time thrives for highest coffee quality.

Can you describe the technical features of Nespresso Vertuo?

Centrifusion has been patented by Nespresso and works in a completely different way to the 19 bar technology used in Nespresso Original coffee machines. It is a combination of the words “centrifugation” and “infusion”. It describes the innovative process of aroma extraction particular to Vertuo. The combination of centrifugal force and infusion results in a quality coffee, even in large cup sizes of up to 414ml.

Each of the 25 different Vertuo coffees is marked with a barcode. The machine reads the code and optimises the extraction settings for the selected coffee.

What is the business potential you assume for Vertuo in Germany?
A machine for both espresso and larger cups (150ml, 230ml and 414ml) with the quality Vertuo provides did not exist before – this is why Nespresso developed Vertuo. We are pleased with the success of the system in other markets and are optimistic for the performance of Vertuo in Germany.

Do you think coffee capsules are here to stay?
Looking at consumer behaviour as well as at social and demographic developments, we expect the convenience trend to continue. The demand for quality is stronger than ever – coffee capsules are a game changer when it comes to coffee quality in in-house consumption.

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Photo: Mark Ruijgrok, Managing Director of Nespresso Germany.