“Alexa, arm the alarm,” is the phrase that will become commonly spoken in living rooms across Europe after Yale’s integration with Amazon Alexa. Launching at IFA, the new integration of Alexa with Yale’s latest generation of smart alarms will mean that consumers can arm their alarm systems via Amazon Echo devices.

The integration is aimed at making it easier and more convenient to secure the home. For example, a statement such as “Alexa, goodnight” could arm selected areas of the home when the family goes to bed.

Kate Clark, managing director for Yale EMEA, said: “Voice assistants are one of the leading methods of controlling the smart home. With our alarm system, we want to add another layer of convenience to homeowners so the integration with Alexa was a perfect t.” She added: “Yale Smart Living is all about taking the worry and hassle away to give customers the freedom to get on with their lives. The new Yale Smart Home Alarm does just that so you can be secure in the knowledge that your home, your family and possessions are protected.”

Research has found that the adoption of voice assistants such as Alexa is a key driving force behind smart-home growth, with an estimated 275 million voice assistant devices expected to be in use to control smart homes by 2023. This is up from approximately 25 million currently in use in 2018.


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