As one of Turkey’s leaders in small home appliances, Arzum know how to make toasters – but at first glance they appear to have built this one upside-down. It is, however, an intentional move, to make the product stand out as an alternative to the convention. The new Firrin toaster from Arzum has an award-winning tunnel design and sliding tray, eschewing the tradition of sprung slots that has been standard for over a century.
Arzum claim that “thanks to it’s patented sliding-tray concept, you will have no more crumbs in your toaster and no more burnt fingertips while taking out the hot bread. The sliding tray can be completely removed, so the hot toast can be served directly to the table.”
The sliding tray’s adjustable rails allow a variety of baked goods can be toasted with ease, including muffins, croissants and baguettes.


  •  Award-winning design
  •  Patented removable tray concept
  •  Capable of toasting more than just sliced bread

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