The Entrecôte is a restaurant and brasserie right in the heart of Berlin, reflecting the spirit of Paris. While the “brasserie lifestyle spirit” can normally only be found in Paris, loved by many poets, writers and artists, The Entrecôte has brought this esprit to life in Berlin – without copying it.

You will nd in their great offer of typically French cuisine, dishes such as Le Saumon Fumé, Les Escargots, Le Foie Gras, Les Huitres Fines de Claires, and that’s just the starters: typical dishes normally found only in brasseries. The Entrecôte has maintained its independence, and has not copied the interiors of its Parisian cousins. There is no fake Art Deco or plush at this place, in which the visitor is perfectly aware of being in a Berlin location. The modern and elegant but very comfortable interior is a priority of the management. This does not in the least impair the lifestyle. The opposite is the case: This is what makes the Entrecôte so real.

Open Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to midnight; Saturday and Sunday from 5:30 pm to midnight

Entrecôte Gaststätten GmbH

Schützenstraße 5

10117 Berlin Mitte/Am Checkpoint Charlie


Tel: +49 30 20 16 54 96