Australian kitchenware giant Sage is launching its smallest ever espresso machine at IFA. With its stylish stainless steel case, Bambino Plus varies from other portafilter machines in its size and boiler. Despite not having a grinder this new model does come with that authentic barista feeling as it combines ease of use with the fun of creating a really good cup of coffee. Pre-infusion at low pressure, optimal coffee powder dosing at a capacity of 19g, patented ThermoJet heating system for optimum extraction temperature in three seconds, and silky-soft milk foam make Bambino Plus a quick, compact, and cost- effective coffee maker that produces high-end quality coffee similar to a commercial machine, in a much smaller format.


  • Temperature control to a degree’s accuracy during extraction
  • Perfect pressure for pre-infusion and ideal extraction pressure
  • Compact and cost-effective alternative to larger machines

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