Roland Hagenbucher, CEO of Siemens Hausgeräte Germany, explains how the company’s motto “Seamless Life” affects the modern kitchen

Since 2016, Siemens has conducted its ”Seamless Life” research studies into the global lifestyle trend for interconnected ecosystems between people, environments and technology. We started by asking Roland Hagenbucher about the main bene ts of connected appliances.


More and more people today are seeking a Seamless Life – a life supported so smoothly by digitalisation, smart technology and design that a frictionless everyday becomes a reality. The necessary infrastructure for connecting the household with other services and spheres of life is enabled thanks to the connectivity of our appliances: from voice control at present to cooperation between my refrigerator and the navigation system in my car in the future.

What are the “star” products for Siemens at IFA?

We are introducing two world innovations this year among others. The first of these is our connected freeInduction Plus cooktop, which takes freedom and user experience to a completely new level, with the cooktop able to adapt automatically to the needs of the chef. Up to six pots and pans can be positioned and moved about freely anywhere over the entire surface, with the controls following dynamically in their wake. We complement this sense of flow with a fascinating design: Our new activeLight lighting strips are not only eye-catching, they also aid orientation. Our second world premiere, our connected Frenchdoor fridge-freezer, is also characterised by visionary design. With its black, handle-less glass front and futuristic operator control system, we are reinterpreting the look and feel completely, but there are more outstanding features inside: from the noFrost defrosting system through to our best fresh storage system, which extends the shelf life of fresh foodstuffs by up to three times.

What are the barriers to consumers purchasing connected appliances and what advice do you have for retailers selling these appliances?

Since scarcely nothing comparable exists as yet in the household, the greatest obstacle so far has been the limited world of our imagination. Retailers, therefore, have to showcase connectivity in lifelike fashion and consciously refer to it during consultations. They are the only ones who can bring the immense benefit of quality of life and added value that users can gain from connected home appliances tangibly within reach. We naturally support our retail partners through selective training among other measures. Retailers should use connectivity as an exciting topic in all communication channels. You will find the best inspiration in this respect at our exhibition booth in the Connectivity area. We use different use cases here to show what is already possible today and what is coming down the line tomorrow. And of course we are also delighted to advise our retail partners as regards presentation of the topic at the POS.

How has Siemens developed its Home Connect app?

Home Connect is an open standard app, in which appliances of other manufacturers can also be integrated. This focus signalled our intention from the outset to deliver maximum customer bene t and comfort. What is important for users in a Seamless Life after all is to be able to control all of their appliances with a single app, and thus have central access to the widest range of features and external services.

What will a kitchen be like in 10 or 15 years’ time? What will be different?

Kitchens have become increasingly individualised in recent years, and this trend looks set to continue in future too. Owners will decide themselves the extent of automation and smart assistance they want in their kitchen. It also seems certain that the popularity of cooking at home will not abate.

How important is IFA in terms of conveying your key messages to your distribution partners and expanding markets?

We view IFA as the leading trade fair in the sector. We therefore hold it in correspondingly high esteem in terms of communication and are delighted with how it allows us to reach such a broad international audience.

Photo: Roland Hagenbucher, CEO, Siemens Hausgeräte Germany