Sony CEO and president Kenichiro Yoshida welcomes the IFA faithful with the promise of “getting closer to people.”

On a day when a raft of new products were announced, including a flagship Xperia XZ3 phone with OLED screen that is tethered to the new 5G network, the Sony CEO wanted to focus on a broader strategy in which devices are created at the axis of the “user” and “creator” market.

Since Sony transformed the CE market with the launch of the Walkman in the early 1980s, the Japanese electronics pioneer has expanded from its direct to consumer business to “get closer to creators,” said Yoshida.

In this vein, Sony has again created leading edge technology like the UHC-8300 camera system with three 8K sensors for filmmakers, and the mirrorless A9 stills camera for sports photographers, which help to produce TV content, games, films and anime. Sony is also promoting its “beyond human eyes” camera technology for driverless cars to create real- time feedback in autonomous driving systems.

Sony also wants consumers to enjoy the fruits of “real- time” creativity with new Masters Series TVs boasting ultimate processing power via the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate for incredibly realistic brightness, detail and colour. The Z9F Master Series is an 4K Ultra HD Android Smart TV that also features Sony’s new X-Wide Angle technology that allows the true shades and hues of the Triluminos display to be enjoyed from any angle.

Master Series users can also enjoy studio quality content via Net ix Calibrated Mode, which was specially developed to maximise the Netflix originals viewing experience.

A host of Sony audio products pitched at creators was also announced at IFA, including the C-100 professional microphone for recording music, and the IER in-ear headphones designed for on stage performances. But the big headphone announcement was the third generation WH-1000X headphones, the WH-1000X M3 that boasts superior noise cancellation via a HD noise cancelling processor and first- time analogue amplification – and which pairs well with the ultra high-end DMP-Z1 digital music player released last month.

Sony arguably saved the best for last with the announcement of the flagship Xperia XZ3 phone with 5G capability and a stunning 6-inch HDR OLED display. Pitched as a “must- have device” for both users and creators, the phone’s OLED screen utilises the latest BRAVIA image technology for an ultimate mobile streaming and gaming experience – plus it comes with Android Pie and Side Sense AI technology that seamlessly anticipates which apps and services the user is likely to need.

A state-of-the-art Motion Eye camera with 4K video recording further embodies the high-end phone’s appeal forcreators.

Photo: The Xperia XZ3 is launched at IFA 2018