French-based company LaSommeliere says that making the most of wine, helping it to develop its richness is an art, an art that it says it has mastered. Proof of this is the Avintage DVA305PA+, a free-standing ageing wine cellar that can hold 294 wine bottles. The Avintage DVA305PA+ also features two adjustable feet, a charcoal filter, white LED lighting with a power switch and an anti-vibration system.

Among Avintage’s wide range of 28 models, the company says consumers will find a wine cellar that is the perfect fit for their needs and desires, with capacity from seven to 300 bottles. Avintage offers products in a number of configurations (free-standing, built-under counter, built-in) and in a variety of different types depending on the chosen use for the wine cellar (for ageing/storage, multi- purpose or serving).


  • DVA305PA+ can hold 294 bottles of wine
  • A number of configurations available
  • Built-in anti-vibration system

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