Metz CEO Dr Norbert Kotzbauer unveils the METZ blue range, presented for the first time at IFA

Founded in 1938, Metz is one of the longest standing companies in the consumer electronics industry. We started by asking Metz CEO Dr Norbert Kotzbauer about the brand, its offering and its partnership with parent company Skyworth.


Under the established and renowned red Metz logo which will continue to play a prominent role in the market under the name “Metz Classic” from IFA onwards, we now produce state-of-the-art premium TVs in the OLED and LCD segments. We have been continually developing since our company’s reorientation and relaunch with our parent company, Skyworth, in 2015. This cooperation with Skyworth – one of the world’s biggest TV manufacturers – not only affords us economic stability, but also access to state-of- the-art technology.

At IFA, you have unveiled METZ blue. What can you tell us about METZ Blue and where it sits in the Metz range?

This year, Metz is celebrating its 80th anniversary and is stepping onto the international stage at this year’s IFA by introducing another brand to the market under the name METZ blue. METZ blue offers a wide spectrum in the mid-range segment, with state-of-the-art technology and functions – in particular, Android TV, with integrated voice search and numerous other smart TV functions. The “always your choice” brand claim stands for unlimited living-room entertainment and will transport the Metz brand name from Zirndorf, Germany, out into the world. In combination with this claim, the newly created blue logo underlines the brand’s market direction: METZ blue stands for networking, smart functions, reliability and user-friendliness. The line-up starts with Full HD through to UHD devices right up to high- quality OLED TVs and, in combination with Android TV, offers a wide range for the volume market.

Which are the dominant countries for Metz Classic in Europe and which new areas are you looking to target?

Our Metz Classic brand focuses upon the German- speaking market, and in this respect, our specialist dealer partnerships play a central role. We produce high-priced TVs under this label and thus rely upon dealers who can expertly advise customers and explain to them the added value of our devices. That is the reason for our focus upon traditional specialist dealerships, which are well- developed in the DACH region. We have been cultivating our contact with dealerships over decades and are working on spreading out and getting bigger dealerships on board. The European market is very challenging, highly-competitive and characterised by strong technological dynamics and intense price competition.

What are your targets for METZ blue?

METZ blue will initially be available in parts of Europe, India and Hong Kong from September onwards, whereby country-specific ranges will be sold. METZ blue will be available from our specialist dealerships, where Metz Classic will also continue to be sold. By focusing upon a wide spectrum in the mid-range, smart TV segment, METZ blue is being positioned in the volume market in particular, and will address a wider market than Metz Classic could ever do with its product orientation.

Our “always your choice” claim aims to signify that with METZ blue we are creating TV products that provide fun with technology and that offer access to sophisticated TV solutions to everyone. At the same time, our products should also be “first choice” when someone is looking for a networked, user-friendly, smart and reliable television with which they can access almost limitless content, thanks to Android TV, streaming functionality and VoD. However, our Metz Classic and METZ blue two-brand strategy will now put us in a very good position in the European market.

How important is IFA as a global platform to meet suppliers?

IFA is one of the most important milestones for us each year. It’s only here that we come into contact with our trading partners and end customers in such a concentrated manner. IFA is the most important order trade fair and thus indispensable. It is also the “place to be” with regard to pioneering technologies and solutions, and it offers traders and end customers orientation when it comes to important trends in consumer electronics and home appliances.

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Photo: Dr Norbert Kotzbauer CEO, Metz