Ben Boutcher-West, Mobility Head at AppyParking, will speak on a panel about autonomous vehicles at Shift AUTOMOTIVE.

The panel has been set up to discuss the affordance of trust in the use and operation of autonomous vehicles on our streets. During the session, panellists will explore current approaches in industry to achieve this and the latest design thinking being considered. We started by asking Ben Boutcher-West to give a short rundown of what he’ll be talking about:

I will be giving input as to the vehicle’s relationship with cities and consumers on the streets. I am really excited to share thinking on this point as there is still much to be considered before mass vehicle integration.


What does your work entail at AppyParking?

AppyParking operates a platform serving as ‘AirTraf c Control’ for cities. My role ensures we are supporting cities to manage the mobility revolution and support the private sector to integrate smoothly helping cities achieve their mobility targets.

Can you give some concrete examples of this?

We are the platform behind Ford’s GoPark, one of the latest kerbside compliance apps used across London. Our HD data approach means drivers can access actual bay-by-bay information, we back this further by real time availability achieved by sensors on street or by aggregating data to give a probability score. We also have a connected car trial across Paris with Renault Nissan meaning cars can manage parking without giving the users the burden of kerbside management.

Who should come to your presentation and why?

We are looking to meet with both the public and private sector. Technology firms to partner and improve our offering, OEMs looking to add a greater level of consumer experience to their vehicles and cities looking at the latest technology to help manage the burden of kerbside compliance.

How important is it to have a platform like the Shift Automotive in order to foster thought leadership in these fields?

As a platform we want to see how our technology can inform and support other business models and it is only at events like these that those conversations can happen.


Photo: Ben Boucher-West, Mobility Head, AppyParking