Hans Wienands, Senior Vice President of Hisense Germany, says the company’s sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup has paid dividends for the brand

Viewers of this summer’s FIFA World Cup will have noticed Hisense’s pitch side advertising. We started by asking Hans Wienands about the sponsorship and its results.

Hisense has always been committed to producing state-of-the-art technology in a contemporary design to a high-quality standard. Being the official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, we took advantage of our expertise in display technology. Our R&D teams worked together with FIFA in order to develop an innovative set-up for event broadcasting. Before the World Cup kicked off in June, Hisense launched ULED- TV sets U7 and U9 giving global football fans a greatly improved viewing experience.

How successful was the sponsorship?
During the World Cup viewers in China alone numbered more than 700 million. Globally over 4.7 billion people watched matches during the group stage. Hisense’s brand exposure during the FIFA World Cup was enormous. As a result of the sponsorship of the World Cup, overall global awareness for Hisense TV increased by six percentage points. In particular awareness for Hisense TV increased significantly in the UK, France, Canada, Russia, Spain and Japan.

How will the strategic partnership with Gorenje drive the business in Europe?

Being on the European market since more than 50 years, Gorenje became one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality household appliances in Europe. Gorenje’s state-of-the-art R&D facilities and modern production sites are well-established in Europe, with sales and marketing offices located in all European countries. For product lines like kitchen appliances and washing- machines the brand has achieved a solid market-share and brand awareness.

The Hisense Group is one of the leading manufacturers of CE and HA in the world. We are well known for our expertise in cooling products, plus we bring our R&D capability on digitalisation and advanced user- interface technology.

Hisense and Gorenje will complement each other’s strengths and create synergy. The acquisition will on one hand accelerate the presence of Hisense in the European market, on the other hand Gorenje product offerings will be diversified and ready for a connected kitchen environment sooner. The technological bene t will be supported by the deeply rooted focus on high- value design of both companies.

What are the key markets for Hisense?

Internationalisation has always been a core strategy for Hisense’s business development. Over the years, Hisense has achieved remarkable results in export business through a series of measures such as overseas acquisitions, independent brand building and overseas layout. Hisense has good performances in the consumer markets of North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

What are the “star” products for Hisense at IFA?
Our star product at IFA 2018 is undoubtedly our new U9D television, which is not only a real eye-catcher with a diagonal of 75 inches, but with local dimming in more than 5,000 zones also delivers standards in the area of high contrast images (HDR). With a native refresh rate of 120Hz, the model is suitable for both extended lm enjoyment and smooth sports broadcasts with fast picture changes.

What are your thoughts about the IFA?
With its unique concept for global visitors from trade and press, being open to consumers at the same time, IFA has become a platform that enables us to launch our newest technology, drawing immediate interest from a global audience and meet our business-partners.

Being open to the public, this yearly event gives us the unique opportunity to present our products in a real live environment, sharing explanations and receiving valuable feedback from trade- partners, but also directly from our consumers. In our understanding this setting makes IFA Berlin so unique and successful.


Photo: Hans Wienands, Senior Vice President, Hisense Germany.