Toshiba TV has been busy redeveloping its market presence over the last 12 months, Bart Kuijten – sales and marketing director for Toshiba TV Europe, is keen to explain: “According to GFK we are now the fastest growing TV brand across Europe. We’ve managed to achieve growth in all the key markets. Particularly impressive is our performance in the UK. The latest GFK data shows Toshiba taking over 8% market share.”

Toshiba aims to modernise the TV experience for the next generation of viewers by bringing ultra high resolution technologies to the mainstream market. It is developing an 8K TV that is accessible to a wider section of the public. This will be a 65” model which is a much better fit for people’s homes.

However it’s not all about 8K. In reality people watch amixofSD,HD,4Kand HDR content, so Toshiba wants to improve the experience of whatever the viewer is watching. The new Full Array Local Dimming feature improves colour, contrast and detail in every scene, and also adds 3D-like dimensionality to any onscreen content.

Toshiba has also been busy improving the sound within their TVs. Kuijten says “this has been designed by leading HiFi brand, Onkyo, and our bazooka tube shaped sub woofer has no corners to trap audio. This means that it can outperform any other TV sub woofer.”

Smart Technology has been key to Toshiba TV’s success and the company is keen to keep improving its smart platform, making it a more “lean back” experience. Toshiba is introducing Alexa-enabled TVs, allowing viewers to interact directly through the TV. So there will be no need for voice control speakers or remote controls. Toshiba is also developing Android TVs where viewers can interact with Google Assistant, search for content, and control other smart devices, just by using their voice, making the TV integral to the smart home.

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