Andrea Bender, vice-president, strategic marketing, WMF, announced a series of new product lines at this year’s IFA.

The innovative Ambient series from the WMF brand, which was launched for the IFA 2017 and combines completely new product segment functionality with an attractive design, is to be expanded this year. A new addition is the WMF Ambient champagne and wine cooler, which not only keeps chilled treats cool but also looks cool and is true to the motto: “Cool down and liven up with stylish elegance” – inside and out, in the kitchen, in the living room and also on the balcony, terrace or in the garden.

Over the course of 2018, the WMF brand has successfully developed its Kult X range, with new editions of the multichopper, hand mixer and stick blender already launched on the market. All feature a new design with improved functionality. Now follows the launch of the WMF Kult X food processor edition, a compact all-rounder for cutting, grating, slicing, chopping and stirring as well as kneading and whipping.

The new WMF Kult X double induction hob means food can be warmed, heated or cooked quickly and efficiently, wherever and whenever: whether in a small kitchen, at the table, on the terrace or out camping – the mobile induction hob is perfect for any situation and makes cooking a joy both indoors and outdoors.

WMF is also presenting a new sous-vide pro cooker for the first time at IFA, along with the Ambient champagne and wine cooler, KITCHENminis colour edition, and the Kult Pro high-performance mixer. With the new Lono Sous-Vide Pro cooker, the WMF brand brings professional cooking right into the home kitchen. This preparation method is loved by those not only who enjoy deliciously tender meat or flaky fish – but also veggies cooked to perfection. The key word is vacuum: when one places sealed air-tight bags in a heated water bath, this makes for a gentle cooking process that retains the natural vitamins and minerals as well as the intrinsic taste of the food. The temperature can be controlled precisely to achieve the desired cooking level. With the WMF Lono Sous-Vide Pro cooker and the WMF Lono vacuum sealer, any foodie can now become a chef in their own domestic pop-up restaurant.

The German manufacturer announced in April that it would be expanding to international markets for the first time this year – into 12 to 13 key regions to begin, including Russia, and with further expansion to be announced next year.

Photo: Andrea Bender, vice-president, strategic marketing, WMF