Heinz Lux, CEO of the KNX Association, details its work in the smart home sector

For more than 28 years, KNX has been a key technological element in home and building automation – long before the term “smart home” prevailed. Speaking to IFA International, Heinz Lux, CEO, KNX Association, expanded upon the association’s successes:

KNX has developed extremely well in the process and nowadays constitutes the leading system on the global market, to quote reliable market surveys carried out for example by the BSRIA (an independent consultancy, test, instruments and research organisation). The success of KNX can be attributed to several points which the KNX system and the KNX Association pursue consistently with over 400 member companies.

Can you detail these points?

We offer ETS which is a standard tool for configuration, commissioning and diagnosis: a clearly defined interworking for all products provided with the KNX logo across all the manufacturers and application fields. A restrictive certification process checks these guaranteed features with all the products and simultaneously meets the basic elements of product quality, and absolute safeguarding of the compatibility of all the products. This ensures that, since 1990, all products can work together with products from 2018 in a mutually functionally installation.

What is KNX’s global reach?

Almost 100,000 certified partner companies plan and commission KNX installations every day all over the world; national KNX organisations in 45 countries all over the world promote the system in its market development including Japan and the US. However, this alone would not have led to the successful continued existence and permanent growth of the KNX system. A further essential element in guaranteeing this is the further development of the KNX system in the various technical aspects but also in the market orientation in order to remain up-to-date.

What moves has KNX made into the IoT?

The IT industry can certainly be identified as a driving element of IoT as well as the terminal device industry, each striving to build up service business based on IoT. The service industry promises to make substantial growth in the future based on data. KNX offers a broad range in this field and we are preparing our system technology and our system structures for this purpose.

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Photo: Heinz Lux – CEO, KNX Association