One of the world’s largest home appliance companies and a Fortune Global 500 company, Midea won two prestigious Gold awards at this year’s IFA Product Technical Innovation Awards.

Midea’s Air X, the world’s most advanced air conditioner, received the Indoor Air Environment System Solution Gold Award in recognition of its groundbreaking use of innovative technology and artificial intelligence. In addition, a water purification machine by Midea sub-brand Beverly, the JL1852SRO, was recognised by the industry with the Healthy Water Purification & Drinking Technology Gold award for a cuttingedge water solution that combines next generation digital capabilities with world leading filtration technology.

These two prestigious awards highlight Midea’s growing status as a global innovation powerhouse, and demonstrate the company’s enduring investment in R&D. “We are thrilled to have been honoured with these awards,” said Brando Brandstaeter, head of global brand & communication at Midea. “These are global ly renowned, prestigious awards that recognise design excellence and product ingenuity.”

The revolutionary Air X is the world’s first microclimate home air conditioner and is set to redefine everything consumers have come to know about home air conditioning units. This groundbreaking, next generation air conditioner uses artificial intelligence and high precision sensors to adjust indoor air quality across five dimensions: temperature, humidity, airflow, purity and freshness.

Whether users prefer a sultry, seaside breeze, or the fresh, crisp air of the Alpine mountains, Air X can simulate and customise the climate to provide users with the ultimate indoor comfort. Midea believes that Air X, as the world’s first microclimate home air conditioner, will show its epoch-making impact once it hits the market. Not only will it improve the consumers’ room air quality; it will play a pivotal role in revolutionising the air conditioner industry.

Beverly’s high-end water solutions combine industry leading technologies to offer users an all-in-one water experience. Features i n c lude: automati c machine cleaning; independent temperature segment control; instant sterilisation; ultra-longlasting filter, and touch screen control panel to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyle and smart living philosophy.

“Air pollution and water quality continue to rank as major concerns for consumers around the globe,” said Brandstaeter. “With the launch of Air X and Beverly’s high-end water solution, users will be able to monitor their air and water quality, providing peace of mind and exceptional levels of comfort.”

The IFA Product Technical Innovation Award 2018, created by International Data Group (IDG) and German Industry & Commerce Co., Ltd, is one of the most authoritative platforms for international exchange, exhibition and cooperation at the IFA show. The award, which is known for its multi-dimensional judging criteria and fierce competition, acknowledges Midea’s mission to provide exceptional products to consumers around the world.

From its humble beginnings 50 years ago, Midea has grown to become one of the world’s largest home appliance companies. In June 2018, the company climbed 90 ranks to 245 in the global Forbes 2000 list, and 127 places to number 323 in the Fortune 500 list.

Midea also offers one of the world’s most comprehensive product ranges in the home appliance industry, specialising in airtreatment (commercial and residential solutions), refrigeration, laundry, large cooking appliances, small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care and lighting.
Globally, the company has 31 production facilities and over 136,000 employees in more than 200 countries, generating an annual revenue of more than €36 billion in 2017. Midea’s 17 worldwide innovation centres and the strong commitment to R&D have resulted in more than 26,000 authorised patents to-date.

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