Designed for nature lovers who want to observe nocturnal wildlife, or for security-conscious consumers who want to survey late-night disturbances, the NVB- 100 Digital Night Vision Binoculars by Hong Kong-based Changing add a distinctive dimension to IFA’s global market showcase.

The large F1.4 aperture provides a visibility distance off 100 metres at night, and 400 metres during the day. The binoculars are zoom in and out capable, and promise up to 10 hours of battery life for day use, and 4 hours for night use. The product has been patented in China and Europe, with a patent pending in the US.

Changing International Company Limited has over twenty years of experience and specialises in designing and manufacturing unique image products such as scouting cameras, endoscopes, film scanners and digital microscopes, selling to the US, Japan, Germany and other markets.


  • Picture shooting and video recording capable
  • Zoom in and out capable
  • SD Card Slot

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