Bang & Olufsen are presenting a new powerful wireless speaker here at IFA that they claim “completely reimagines how we live with sound.”

Created in collaboration with globally acclaimed designer Michael Anastassiades, Beosound Edge uses proximity sensors to detect when you get close to the speaker, discreetly illuminating the aluminium touch interface. To adjust the sound, you gently roll Beosound Edge forwards and backwards to increase and decrease the volume. Softly to change the volume moderately, while a stronger touch will change it more dramatically. Let go, and it gently rolls back to its original position.

Beosound Edge debuts a ground- breaking acoustical technology named the Active Bass Port1. When playing at lower volumes, it is using the closed cabinet principle for the most accurate sound reproduction, and as you turn up the volume the Active Bass Port opens to output more energized bass.


  • Unique stylish design
  • Ground Breaking active bass port for greater sound reproduction
  • Rolling volume control

HALL 1.2 / 218