How do we control smart home appliances when we fall asleep? Obviously, the smart speaker and mobile phone remote controlling cannot solve the device operation issue at night.

Sleepace has launched a smart solution for nighttime IoT controlling. Based on non- wearable physiological parameter monitoring technology, the solution is developed to implant sensors into mattresses, cushions and pillows to monitor the user’s heart rate, respiration, body movement/turnover, sleep cycle, and sleep time.

With all this data, it can provide sleep analysis, sleep reports, and other services. In additon, it can control the smart appliances (such as smart light bulbs, smart curtains, smart speakers, and smart air conditioners) as well as the condition of the environment in the bedroom at night according to the user’s sleeping status.

At present, the smart sleep solution is not only compatible with various communication solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 433, but also the Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It can connect with different IoT platforms for the smart home equipment systems based on smart home, smart bedroom, smart hotel, hospital, and other scenarios and meet the needs to complete the development of various application scenarios as quickly as possible.

At night, when you lie down to go to sleep, Sleepace monitoring device will monitor your sleeping status and turn off the light, draw the curtains, and other equipment automatically. Sleepace’s sleep-aid product will help you fall asleep easily. When the Sleepace monitoring device recognises that you are asleep, commands will be sent to turn off your smart TV, smart speakers, and sleep-aid device automatically. It will keep controlling the air conditioner and humidifier during your sleep.

In the morning during your lightest sleep, the Sleepace wake up light will wake you up gently, and the curtains will open automatically.

David Huang, Co-Founder, President and Chief Sleep Officer of Sleepace, says: “Currently, Sleepace has provided a smart sleep total solution for smart bedrooms for many international IoT leading brands such as LG U+, Huawei, and Tuya. We hope that in the future, we can provide solutions and services for more relevant industries and fields.

“At IFA, Sleepace has launched a new smart wake-up light which is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. It can be a very good choice for customers who are seeking a cost-effective smart bedside light”.

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