Smartfrog’s mission is to make everyday items more intelligent and connect them to the internet, and thus make life more comfortable, efficient and safer.
Developing a universal internet-of-things (IoT) platform, the technology start-up has created an easy-to-use and affordable complete home security solution that keeps one’s living or business premises remotely available at all times. The complete solution consists of an app, camera and video cloud memory.
Users can see immediately if everything is alright at home via the smartphone or web app. Motion sensors can also alert absent users of any activity via a notification, and record video content. The video data is transferred securely via SSL encryption, similarly to online banking.
Only 30 months after launching, Smartfrog is an entrepreneurial IoT success story with users in 178 countries, and over 100 employees of 24 nationalities spread over their four international offices.


  •  All streamed content is safely encrypted and stored with guaranteed security
  •  Simple to install – camera system takes only five minutes to set-up
  •  Versatile: As well as a security device, can be used as baby or pet monitor, and for checking an elder’s medication

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