TCL is showcasing many of its flagship products and achievements at IFA this year. Two of them received Product Technical Innovation Awards, which are issued by German Industry & Commerce and International Data Group (IDG). These products are the TCL QLED TV X8, which won the Display Technology Gold Award, and the TCL Inverter Nofrost Refrigerator, which received the Full DC Inverter Technology Gold Award.

The Inverter No-fro s t Refrigerator BCD-490WBEPF2 embeds the first technology of its kind, capable of cooling food items for two minutes at 1°C to lock in their original taste. The patented smart breeze technology senses the temperature requirements of each food item and adjusts the fridge’s internal storage temperature. This operates somewhat like a central air conditioner for food items, blowing air in a precise manner which alleviates issues caused by directly exposing food to the air supply.

Refrigeration is rapid and evenly distributed and a constant temperature is maintained within the storage space, keeping food fresher for longer. The entire interior is also equipped with perpetual AAT negative oxygen ion freshness preservation technology. This allows the negative ion content to reach 1200 or more per cubic centimetre, providing food items with integrated 360 degree freshness preservation that features dust removal, deodorisation, and sterilisation.

With this technology, fruits and vegetables maintain 95% of their moisture after three days and 90% of their moisture after seven days. Based on the needs of each food item, the fridge also creates different humidity zones, including a 3°C mother and baby zone, a fish and meat freshness locking zone that is kept at a constant -1°C, and a special zone for wine, tea and health products. This allows the fridge interior to imitate natural environments.

For TCL refrigerators, keeping food fresh is a duty and healthy storage is a passion. When it comes to being healthy, the TCL Inverter No-frost Refrigerator provides all-around health assurance from the exterior to the interior. The exterior of the TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator is the first in the industry to achieve Grade 1 mold resistance for its silver ion anti-bacterial handle, eliminating germs without harming normal cells, reaching a sterilisation rate of 99%. This fridge also uses a Grade 1 mold resistant door seal that kills 99% of E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The interior utilises an AAT smart antibacterial system. The combination of AAT and smart breeze technology actively eliminates 91.17% of the E. coli within the refrigerator, and the T-Hips modified antibacterial material actively eliminates 90.68% of Staphylococcus aureus in the fridge. There is a 90.6% and 86.7% reduction rate of Trimethylamine and Ethanethiol, respectively. This provides users with a complete chain for a smart and healthy lifestyle that extends from food purchase to food storage, three meals a day.

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