An advanced digital lock, ENTR integrates with Yale’s smart home alarm when linked with a Yale bridge, so that unlocking a door with the Yale app automatically disarms the alarm.
The lock can be opened with a touch pad, fingerprint reader, or remote fob as well as through the app, and has an automatic locking feature which means one’s home is always protected. In addition, the app can be used to send mobile keys to grant and revoke entry to guests and other approved visitors.
ENTR makes domestic key troubles a thing of the past: there’s no longer any need to get a spare set cut. A couple of swipes on a smartphone screen is all it takes to share an ENTR digital key with family or anyone who needs access — and to revoke the key instantly when required. The ENTR smart lock works equally well as a stand-alone solution or connected to a smart home system.
The ENTR lock offers convenience, security and control and is easy to install. With no drilling or wiring required, it is an ideal security product for first time buyers looking to take their first steps into the smart home.


  •  Easy: All doors easily become smart with a simple and affordable cylinder retrofit solution.
  •  Variety of credentials available including PIN code, fingerprint at door, remote control, Smartphone app, and automatic locking.
  •  Integrates with Yale Smart Living Smart security system and other partners systems.

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