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IFA: the ultimate social network

With all the talk about social networks, there is no more effective place to socially network than here at the IFA. IFA serves as a linking element by bringing together brands, start-ups, developers, retailers, media and consumers. Exhibitors and visitors alike benefit from the most effective “social network” of all: the face-to-face encounter.

Of course, face to face encounters can be organised at any time of the year, as the representatives of various players in the supply chain visit their clients and potential clients for informational and business visits. But to replicate the same number of top level visits one is able to organise in the space of just a few days here in Berlin would be so physically and mentally gruelling that it would of course be virtually impossible. The efficiency of a trade show is second to none in terms of enabling these all essential face-to-face meetings, but following this first level of efficiency, a layer of organisation such as that offered by Messe Berlin is the “magic” that makes it all work so well.

The addition of two other Global IFA events, CE Week in the USA, and CE China, are also instrumental in enabling the world’s trade and supply chain to interact in the most efficient way possible. It’s all done to make your life – and business – so much easier