“We aim to look at objects that we use daily with a new perspective,” claims upcoming Korean consumer electronics and appliance company, Usetool Company, whose slogan is “think hard, design better”. The lifestyle brand was created in collaboration with Ventures Lab and Jiyoun Kim Studio in 2018 and is making its IFA debut with the Usetool Toothbrush.

An electric or manual toothbrush, steriliser, sonic wave vibrator and charger in one, the Usetool dental kit boasts a minimalist, modular high-des ign aesthetic. The stand-out product is also sustainable, with users able to return the recyclable toothbrush to the manufacturer and receive a new one in return.
Already the winner of an IF Design Award in 2018, the electric toothbrush is only now coming to market and is being initially pitched to European consumers with a taste for stylish, hygienic and quality dental care for around €80.

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Meanwhile, Network Korea is a smart home power solution provider producing IoT smart plugs and CCTV remote control devices under the 3CYS brand. The main themes of the IFA Global Markets stand are IoT smart plugs including Smart PDU (Smart Home Power Control System Device) & a 1-outlet built-in plug which help users control power on/off remotely, monitor power usage history, schedule operation of home/office appliances, prevent unauthorised use, and eventually save energy based on IoT technology.

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